The Pi-Kahuna

Oct 08, 1998 on TV Tokyo at 12:00 AM


Ash is running down the road and is hit in the face with muck splashed up by a car. Ash gets caught in the traffic with cars scattered everywhere. Officer Jenny clears the disturbance, and tells Ash of a great big wave that comes every twenty years c... (more)alled Humunga Dunga. They decide to go surfing, although Misty warns Ash to continue on his training. She joins in on the fun. Ash gets on the wave, but falls. Pikachu notices another Pikachu on the cliff staring into the sea. It is looking for big waves for its owner to surf. Then a big wave comes, but Ash can't move his foot to get to safety. The Pikachu named Puka alerts its owner named Victor of Ash. Victor and Puka swoop in to save him. When Ash recovers, Victor tells of getting Puka from the sea, and how he wanted to be like Jan who was the only man to ever ride Humunga Dunga all the way to a tall peak where he planted his flag. Meanwhile, Team Rocket successfully capture the two Pikachu and brought them into their Mecha Gyarados. They did not get far, as they were stopped and blown away by some real Gyarados. Both Pikachu were flung into the air. Ash saves his with Bulbasaur. Puka falls in the water, so Victor throws it a surfboard, and dives. They both get to the surfboard and Puka feels the large wave, Humunga Dunga coming. Ash and the Group make it back to the shore to watch Victor and Puka ride the wave all the way to the top of the peak matching what Jan did so many years ago.

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