The Breeding Center Secret

Aug 06, 1998 on TV Tokyo at 12:00 AM

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While out with their photographer friend Snap, they are taking a few pictures of their Pokémon. They see an ad for a breeding center where they treat the Pokémon well. Misty brings her Psyduck there and hopes they will improve it. They find a restaur... (more)ant where you eat free if you bring in a Psyduck. Misty and the group rush back to the breeding center to discover it is fake. It is a center run by Team Rocket, but not Jessie and James. The boss is angry because they always mess up and trusts this new plan to other members Butch and Cassidy. Jessie and James break into the center at the same time not knowing about it, and try to steal Pokémon. They are all thrown in jail except for Misty and Pikachu, who make it out. Misty gets Pikachu to get Snap's camera which proves their innocence and takes it to Jenny. Butch and Cassidy are arrested as well as Jessie and James, although Jessie and James dig their way out.

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Jul 30, 1998

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