The Ultimate Test

Jul 30, 1998 on TV Tokyo at 12:00 AM

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Ash and friends arrive at a school that promises that if you can pass their tests, you can enter the Pokémon League without getting all the badges. Ash enters the school, and so does Jessie and James. The tests begin and Jessie is kicked out for comp... (more)laining the tests are way too hard. Ash and James make it to the third part of the test where you fight with your examiner's Pokémon. Ash fights with Weezing and wins. James is delighted to see Pikachu by his side, but when he looses to a Graveler he sends out two Pokémon at once which is against the rules and is kicked out. For revenge, Team Rocket attacks the school with the Pokémon they got, but the Pokémon turned on them because they were owned by the instructor. Ash decides then that it would be easier to get all of the badges rather than go through these tests and he leaves the school.

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