Escape 2000

Mar 02, 1996 on Netflix at 12:00 AM


Movie Plot: An evil corporation and the government are kicking people out of the Bronx and moving them to New Mexico to be killed. On the SOL: Crow holds a charity auction / the SOL catches fire, which is luckily put out by Gypsy / Crow's use of the... (more) biofeedback machine causes more fires to break out on the SOL / Servo gets sick. In Deep 13: Dr. Forrester has put Pearl in a nursing home, which is really just another part of Deep 13 / to boost ratings, Dr. Forrester presents Timmy Bobby Rusty, a cute little kid / Dablone swoons Pearl. Original film made in 1985.

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Season 7 Episode 4

Feb 24, 1996

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