May 18, 1996 on Netflix at 12:00 AM


Movie Plot: An alien invasion is foiled by a man wielding one of the alien's own laser guns. On the SOL: The 'bots tell a captive Mike the ""thunderdome"" joke / the SOL crew taunts a perfectionist satellite / the 'bots change the diaper of a star b... (more)aby / Mike dressed as Star trek's Captain Janeway / the SOL reaches the edge of the universe and the Crew is turned into pure energy. In Deep 13: Dr. Forrester has lost his funding and cuts the SOL loose in space / Dr. Forrester watches himself grow old (a la 2001: Space Odyssey) and turns into a Star Baby. Instead of a monolith, there is a giant VHS tape. Pearl decides to try and raise baby Clayton right. Stinger: "Far out!" Original film made in 1978.

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Season 7 Episode 5

Mar 02, 1996

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