Treasure of the Temple

Oct 23, 1964 on ABC (US) at 7:30 PM

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The Quest team, and guide Montoya, are searching for the lost city of Málátan in South America. From the start, the expedition is plagued by accidents and ill omens. It turns out these are the work of Perkins, who is trying to scare off the Quest... (more) team, as he has scared off others. This will give him a clear field to search for the treasure legend says is hidden somewhere in the city. Meanwhile, the Quest team finds and frees an Indian who Montoya staked out as a warning to other workers -- work, or be punished! The last straw is when the boys' tent catches fire (with a little help). Dr. Quest decides it's too dangerous to stay; the team packs up and prepares to leave -- when Jonny happens to learn against the right panel, which opens! Jonny has found the treasure! Too bad Perkins has found the team! Locked in a dank cell, the team ponders escape ... which comes in the form of the native they'd saved earlier, who knows a secret way out of the cell! From there, the team must evade

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Season 1 Episode 5

Oct 16, 1964

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