Riddle of the Gold

Oct 16, 1964 on ABC (US) at 7:30 PM

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The Maharajah of Jahilipur, and his associate, Abdul Kassim, have completed Phase One of their plan to produce fake gold! They've faked the death of Professor Gunderson, inventor of the process, and imprisoned him in a worked out mine. There, he will... (more) produce false gold for them. Agent Corbin of Intelligence One realizes there's skulduggery afoot. He knows the mine from which "gold" is flowing was tapped out fifty years ago. What he doesn't know is where the gold is really coming from. That's where the Quest team enters the picture. Under cover of a tiger hunt, the Quest team travels to Jahililpur to uncover the scheme and put a stop to it. Surviving several attempts on their lives, they reach the mine, and thwart Kassim. But the real mastermind promises Doctor Quest that they'll meet again...

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Season 1 Episode 4

Oct 09, 1964

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Season 1 Episode 6

Oct 23, 1964