Brick A Brack

Apr 03, 2008 on HGTV at 6:00 PM


When Mike arrives at the home of Val and Dave, he thought it was an exterior renovation repair only- until he went inside. Originally, the scope of the project involved repairing a home that suffered from defective brick- the face of the brick was... (more) falling off, causing it to quickly erode. This weakened masonry was causing the chimney to lean dangerously and the bottom rows of brick were so compromised that replacement was needed to prevent the brick walls from collapsing. When Mike went inside the home, he discovered that the homeowners were literally drowning in their own possessions. There were mounds of stuff piled to the ceiling in almost every room in the house. There was so much junk crammed in the basement that it wasn’t even possible for Mike and the team to do a basic electrical and HVAC inspection. Mike decides that a clean-up intervention is needed, to save the homeowners from themselves.

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