Dec 27, 2005 on NBC at 10:00 PM

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This episode featured four pairs competing as teams. Stunt #1 (Human cannonball) As a truck drove along a pier with a crane hanging off the side, one team member would hang from the crane and drop into the water when they passed a buoy. They woul... (more)d have to retrieve two flares from the buoy, swim to a platform, and use the flares to light the fuse to giant cannon. Their partner would then be shot out of the cannon and into the water. Once in the water, their partner would swim to a boat, climb aboard, and clip a flag to a flagpole. The team to complete this stunt the fastest would get to choose which team would be eliminated. Stunt #2 (Trash Can Scavenger Hunt) Teams would have to dig through two dumpsters to find items including a toaster, a shoe, a gas can, a baseball glove, a hard hat, a tin can, a thermos, and a radio. Another of each item would be hidden among barrels filled with oil, mud, rotten fish parts, and lard. To retrieve the items from the barrels, they would have to unscrew them from the bottom and match them with the corresponding items from the dumpsters. The team to match four items fastest would win a four-day trip to Las Vegas and $20,000. No one would be eliminated in this stunt. Stunt #3 (Pavement drag) Both team members would be hanging on to handlebars attached to a helicopter and be dragged across pavement on their stomachs. Along the way, they would crash through three exploding walls and a wall of barrels before coming up to a finish line. They would have to let go as close to the finish line as possible. The team to get the least combined distance from the finish line would be Fear Factor Champions. Home Invasion Stunt (Worm wine) Competing in this week’s Home Invasion segment would be the Whitman family of Dubuque, Iowa. One family member would have to grab worms from a bowl and put them in a meat grinder, another family member would have to grind the worms to make the slop spill into a glass, and a third fami

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