Blind Date Fear Factor

Dec 13, 2005 on NBC at 10:00 PM

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This was a special blind date episode. Four single men would be introduced to four single women, and the women would get to pick which man they wanted to be paired up with. The four couples would then compete as teams for the $50,000. Stunt #1 (Ha... (more)nging boat) One partner would be driving a boat across a lake while the other partner would grab a hook hanging from a helicopter and attach it to the boat. The helicopter would then lift the boat out of the water and one person would have to climb onto a cargo net on the underside of the boat, release four flags, and drop into the water. The second partner would then have to do the same. The couple to get the most flags in the fastest time would get to choose which couple would be eliminated. Stunt #2 (Crab Dump Escape) Couples would be locked in a large tank filled with 45 degree water and large Dungeness crabs. As more cold water and crabs were pumped into the tank through two pipes, both team members would have to find which of four keys unlocked caps from the floor of the tank and use the caps to plug the pipes. Because of the dangers of hypothermia, there would be a ten-minute time limit for this stunt. The couple to complete this stunt the fastest would win a twelve-day trip for four to Belize. No one would be eliminated in this stunt. Stunt #3 (Ice box) Couples would be in opposite sides of a Plexiglas box, separated by a wall. As the box filled with 2,000 pounds of ice, one partner would have to collect pegs from their side of the box and transfer them to their partner through a hole in the wall. Their partner would then have to put the pegs in a box. After they had transferred all 52 pegs, they would have to pull a lever that would open the bottom of box and drop them into the water below. The bottom would automatically drop out after two minutes if contestants had not completed the stunt. The couple to transfer the most pegs the fastest would be Blind Date Fear Factor Champions and win $50,

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