Boat Jump; Swimming with the Fishes; Flag Snag

Jan 21, 2002 on NBC at 10:00 PM

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Stunt #1: Boat Jump As two ultra boats raced down a lake at 40 miles per hour, contestants would have to jump the gap between them that was approximately 7 feet wide and land on the second boat. Contestants who jumped from boat to boat successfull... (more)y would advance to the next round. Stunt #2: Swimming with the Fishes Contestants would have three minutes to swim around in a tank containing 10 tons of dead squid, retrieve 5-pound weights, and hang them on a hook overhead. The contestant to retrieve the least weights would be eliminated. Stunt #3: Flag Snag Contestants would have to shimmy out to the end of horizontal pole jutting from a rooftop 20 stories high. They would have to grab a flag, bring it back to the rooftop, clip the flag on a pole, and raise it. The contestant to complete this stunt the fastest would win the $50,000.

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