Helicopter Fire Drill; Eat Rectum; Ledge Walk

Jan 28, 2002 on NBC at 10:00 PM

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Stunt 1: Helicopter Fire Drill Players will have to climb out one side of the helicopter as it hovered twenty-five feet above the cold water, then traverse underneath the helicopter using a cargo net fastened to the runners. Only after they hoisted... (more) themselves back inside on the other side of the helicopter would their time complete. The two players (one male, one female) with the lowest times would be eliminated. Stunt 2: Eat Rectum Each player's first two shots to hit the target (with numbers zero through two) would determine their score. Their score would determine the number of pig rectums - or bungs - they would have to eat! They would have four minutes to eat each bung. Stunt 3: Ledge Walk After climbing out an eleven-story window, players had to walk 110-feet along a narrow ledge filled with obstacles (i.e.: plants, fake birds, buckets etc). Whoever make it to the fire escape in the quickest time would win.

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