The Eternal Dragon Rises

Sep 09, 1987 on Fuji TV at 12:00 AM

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Goku flies back to Baba's place and takes Upa with all the dragonballs to the Land of Korin. Yamcha wants to train with Roshi who doesn't feel up to it but Bulma changes his mind. Goku and Upa have fun on their journey. Goku summons the eternal drago... (more)n and with a pluck of his courage, Upa wishes his father be resurrected. The dragon grants the wish and Bora rises from his grave. Upa delightfully embraces his father and the dragon vanishes into the seven balls. Before they can scatter Goku grabs the four star ball already turning to stone. Goku bids Bora and Upa farewell and heads back to Baba's place. Roshi says that he has nothing more to teach Goku. Goku walks without any use of the Nimbus cloud ready for training and adventure.

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Season 4 Episode 9

Sep 02, 1987

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