Our Son Was Making Millions, but is Now Living in Our Garage with His Girlfriend

Feb 06, 2015 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


Mike and Vicki say their 37-year-old son, Ryan, was once making millions running a successful real estate company, but for the past three months, he has been living in their garage, on their dime, along with his 24-year-old girlfriend, Rachel. The pa... (more)rents claim Ryan is a “freeloader” who sleeps all day, acts entitled, picks fights and even leaves them to care for his 5-year-old son. Ryan admits things are chaotic in his life but insists it’s not all his fault. Why does he say his parents are partly to blame for his business failing? Dr. Phil has some tough questions for Ryan about his behavior — does he take any accountability? And, hear from Rachel — is she happy with their living situation? Plus, Ryan isn’t the only one staying with mom and dad — you won’t believe how many mouths Mike and Vicki say they are feeding! How can the parents stop the bleeding and take back control of their lives? And, is Ryan ready to step up to the plate and work toward living on his own?