“My 21-Year-Old Daughter is Obsessed with Her Controlling, Jealous, Heroin-Addicted Boyfriend”

Feb 05, 2015 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


Alyssa and Steve say their daughter, Paige, had a promising future until she turned 18 and met Brandon, who they believe taught her how to shoot black tar heroin and led her down a dark and dangerous path. The parents say Paige, 21, is now a full-fle... (more)dged addict, living with Brandon, 27, in a motel, working as a “sugar baby” to get money for drugs and shooting up several times a day. They say she has failed nine attempts at rehab and sobriety and has overdosed 16 times -- and they fear they could lose her forever. Alyssa and Steve say they’ve tried to get Paige away from her controlling “loser” boyfriend, but she always runs back to him and starts using again. Are Alyssa and Steve enabling their daughter’s dangerous lifestyle? And, will Paige and Brandon accept Dr. Phil’s help -- and his one big condition?