Accusations of Beatings, Starvation and Being Locked in a Room: Who’s Telling the Truth?

Apr 15, 2015 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


Beth claims she grew up in a “house of horrors” filled with unbelievable acts of abuse and neglect, allegedly at the hands of her mother, Cecilia. Beth claims she was kicked and spit on and locked in a room and starved -- all of which Cecilia denies ... (more)-- and she says she prayed every night for a way to escape. Beth, now 22 and a mother herself, claims her mother is still trying to hurt her by spreading rumors about her, harassing her online and reporting her to CPS. Cecilia denies the allegations and claims Beth is a master manipulator who loves to play the victim. Dr. Phil brings this mother and daughter together for the first time in two years. Who is telling the truth? Can Beth and Cecilia stop the finger-pointing and begin the healing?

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