“Keep My Ex-Daughter-in-Law Away From My Family”

Apr 14, 2015 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


Thelma says her ex-daughter-in-law, Kim, was horrible to her son, Kenny, during their 16-year marriage and was a terrible mother to their six children. She accuses Kim of having had multiple affairs, used drugs and abandoned her family for months at ... (more)a time. Thelma says that after Kenny finally divorced Kim three years ago, he suffered serious emotional difficulties, and Thelma stepped in and gained custody of her grandchildren, because she claims Kim wouldn’t step up. Thelma says Kenny still talks to Kim every day and gives her money — and Thelma has had it with what she calls watching Kim take advantage. Is Kim manipulating Kenny for money? Kenny admits he enables his ex-wife but says he just wants her to clean up her life and repair her relationship with their children. Kim admits she has battled addiction and was not the best wife but says she would “walk through fire for her children.” She says Thelma is “evil” and needs to stop bashing her to her kids. Dr. Phil intervenes in this family feud — can they stop the mudslinging and learn to peacefully co-parent? Then, Kim and Kenny’s two grown children speak out. Do they say they want a relationship with their mother?