The Path of Sorrows

Jun 30, 1999 on TNT DRAMA at 9:00 PM

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"Enter freely through the Path of Sorrows." A simple directive, but one which stymied Excalibur's scientists until Galen suddenly realized what was being asked. After upsetting Dureena, Galen used her tears to open the way to a mysterious globe. Insi... (more)de the globe, barely seen, was a reptilian alien with a sad face.The globe has been transferred back up to the Excalibur for study. Capt. Gideon was angered that someone had abandoned the globe and its occupant. Lt. Matheson was more concerned that the englobed alien might be forcibly imprisoned. Galen brushed aside all concerns, intimating a connection to a random universe. Gideon was later compelled to actually talk to the alien and spoke of the EAS Cerebus, his life afterwards, and a curious item called 'the Apocalypse Box!

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