The Well of Forever

Jun 23, 1999 on TNT DRAMA at 9:00 PM

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"Mr. Jones" from the Congressional Panel on Telepaths, has arrived to test Lt. Matheson, to make certain he has not broken any of the new rules for telepaths. Although Capt. Gideon is concerned that this is the second testing in the past six months, ... (more)Matheson has assured him that these tests are necessary.Galen has shown the Excalibur's top officers a wonder: a stone which will lead him to the Well of Forever. Intrigued by the possibility that this place "where questions are answered" might be able to help with Excalibur's quest, and in the hopes that he might learn more about Galen's ship, Gideon has agreed to have the ships' navigation programs merged. As they travel farther off the beacon into hyperspace, the Excalibur crew begins to discover new life-forms, including an embarassing incident with the vapid Fen.There are many problems afoot. Mr. Eilerson's greedy nature has been noted. "Mr. Jones" wants to know about the Excalibur's destination and Matheson cannot fend off the psi-tes

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