California Pig Candy and Chili Cheese Stuffed Doughnuts

Jul 01, 2015 on Travel + Escape at 12:00 AM


Danielle starts off the crawl in Lancaster, California, to compete at the Blazin' BBQ Throwdown. Before things heat up on the competition front, she visits her old friend, Neil Strawder, aka "Big Mista." Neil sells BBQ at a farmer's market in downtow... (more)n Los Angeles, and this is where he feeds Danielle the "Perfect Nude," the carb-free version of a pulled pork sandwich. Danielle samples some of Big Mista's famous Pig Candy - bacon covered in sugar and smoked on the pit. Next, it's off to a swanky BBQ establishment in Sherman Oaks known as Boneyard Bistro. French-trained chef Aaron Robbins seamlessly blends new and old styles of BBQ, creating playful menu items like pulled pork dumplings and chili-cheese stuffed doughnuts. Then, it's competition time. Danielle goes head to head with some tough female competitors.

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Jul 01, 2015