Surfer Dudes and Dirty Fries

Jul 01, 2015 on Travel + Escape at 12:00 AM


Danielle visits That Boy Good BBQ in Oceanside, California, where Chef Mark Millwood is bringing Mississippi style BBQ to the west coast. Danielle tries their signature dish, aptly named "Dirty Fries." It's a delicious concoction of fries, topped wit... (more)h pulled pork and jalapeños. Then she heads south to Chula Vista, the only area in the country where you can find authentic Mexican lamb barbacoa: lamb cooked in a pit in the ground overnight. Danielle explores this unique cuisine and even tries their smoked grasshoppers! Next, Danielle expands her BBQ horizons even further. She visits Fish 101, a laid-back fish shack in Encinitas, California. Encinitas is as famous for it's surfing as it is for it's grilled fish tacos. Danielle learns how to clean a large Yellowfin, then grills up some sardines and tuna belly.

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