The Forgotten

Dec 01, 1998 on nickelodeon at 12:00 AM

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Rachel changes into a hawk to find Tobias but then she fell and was unconscious. She slams into a tree and, when she awakens, has lost her memory. Her friends, the Yeerks, the Animorphs! She almost got turned into a Controller. She ran into a lady ... (more)named Fran, a crazy former Controller, and now she wants to trap Rachel to get rid of the Controller in her brain (which she doesn't have). Rachel asked many questions but Fran did not care because she thought Rachel was an Andalite scum. Rachel finds her way to a Controller camp where's she taken in by the two leaders there (Brad and John) while the Animorphs are still searching for her using the keen scent smelling of Homer which Jake morphed into. The Controllers have no idea who Rachel is, but realize she's perfect to make a Controller. Marco morphed a Wolf to scare away the Controllers, and they took back Rachel and tried to remind Rachel that she is an Animorphs. Jake morphed a Tiger to show her, and she was finally able to reminder

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