The Leader (1)

Jan 05, 1999 on nickelodeon at 12:00 AM

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Marco was painting while Jake finds out Visser One will be at the EGS Tower, where the Kandrona is and the mock Yeerk sun, which nourishes the Yeerks. Now all they need to do is find a way to get in and destroy it. The Animorphs go spy on the Yeerk... (more)s but they have a Morphing Detector so when Jake and Marco morphed Lizards the alarm went off and the walls close around them. The Yeerks have captured Jake and Marco in a spacecraft, then they blast off, and they were being sent to the Yeerk pool ship. They needed to find a way to escape, and when they escape and got lost in the Yeerk Mother Ship, they discovered a startling secret; Marco's Mom was alive, controlled by Visser One.

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Season 1 Episode 13

Dec 01, 1998

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Allegra Fulton