Hearst vs. Pulitzer

Jun 08, 2015 on National Geographic (US) at 9:00 PM


The newspaper redefined the way America tells its stories, but its rise to prominence was born out of a bitter rivalry between a man who built himself up from nothing and the wealthy son of a business tycoon. Follow William Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer... (more) as they push the limits of journalism in unthinkable ways, forever changing the media landscape. Flashy headlines and sensationalized stories are born out of the war for circulation. But when the Newsies strike, the media giants’ papers come to a halt and the men must learn to compromise in order to keep their empires afloat. Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of General Electric; famed theoretical physicist Michio Kaku; and others share their perspective on the rivalry that propelled mainstream media as we know it today.

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