Space Race

Jun 15, 2015 on National Geographic (US) at 9:00 PM


America and the Soviet Union, deadlocked in the Cold War, set their sights on the final frontier — space. Go inside the more than decadelong struggle between the two superpowers as they both set out to conquer the moon. German scientist Werner Von Br... (more)aun leads the charge for the U.S. and Sergei Korolev for the Soviets, but in the race to space, only one side can get there first. Along the way, the cutthroat competition results in unparalleled technological advancements and spawns previously unimaginable feats of engineering — as the whole world watches. Famed theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, authors, and other space and engineering experts weigh in on the battle that inspired a nation and sent man where no one had ever gone before.

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