Yo-kai Bloominoko / 4-Komasan: Stray Cat / Yo-kai Snobetty / Geezer Wig Club: Lesson 1 / The Journey Across Japan Searching for Komami! Harajuku

Apr 12, 2019 on AT-X at 6:30 PM


"Nate has suddenly moved to another house. It seems his new home is next door to Katie's! Whisper's suggests "could such good luck be the work of a Yo-kai?", that hunch proves true. The dragon Yo-kai "Bloominoko", housing tremendous luck power that's... (more) drawn out when it appears, is at work! Nate finds out that just as Bloominoko leaves, he'll face the inverse with misfortune coming his way, so he tries to meet every demand to restrain Bloominoko, but...?!"[...]