Black Hairy Thick Tail Scorpion

Feb 05, 2013 on BBC America at 12:00 AM


Dom braves the remote wilderness of Namibia while on the hunt for Africa's largest, deadliest scorpion - parabuthus villosus, commonly known as the black hairy thick-tailed scorpion. This beast can not only kill a human but also spray its venom up to... (more) a metre. Dom's journey to find the scorpion takes him into spectacular desert scenery. Dom’s journey takes him into spectacular desert scenery, as he hikes up rugged mountain trails and across vast sand seas. On the way he survives a violent thunderstorm and flash floods; treads in the footprints of dinosaurs; and encounters a rock monitor, a meercat dining on a scorpion, a solifuge, a whip snake, and the lethally venomous horned adder. Dom also gets to meet an amazing array of different scorpions, including, eventually, the nastiest of the lot.

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