Lost City of Gold

Feb 17, 2015 on Science Channel at 9:00 PM


In the Namib Desert of west Africa a strange series of rings ranging from 6 to 65 feet wide cover 1200 miles from Angola to South Africa; Sandy Island in the south Pacific is as big as Manhattan and has been on nautical maps for over 200 years but is... (more) now gone; a bizarre disk of glowing rings are seen by meteorologist on weather radar over Melbourne Australia before the rings start appearing over other parts of Australia; while a satellite takes photos of western Brazil a cleared part of the jungle shows signs of ancient construction that may be the fabled City of Gold, El Dorado; did a U.S. spy satellite photograph Noah's Ark on Mt. Ararat in 1973; a strange silvery blob that appears to be flying is photographed near Area 51, Nevada.

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