Never Leave a Man Behind

Sep 11, 2010 on PBS at 10:30 AM


Cheboygan, Sault Ste. Marie: Sault Saint Marie & Cheboygan Home to Breathtaking Waterways and Rich History FIRST STOP, SAULT SAINT MARIE: Host Tom Daldin drives to the northeastern end of the UP to visit scenic Sault Saint Marie, a town with... (more) many claims to fame. Having been established in 1668, Sault Saint Marie bears the title of ‘oldest city in the Midwest.’ It’s also home to the Soo locks. Visitors in every part of town can see the giant freighters passing through from the beautiful, tree-lined streets downtown. Those interested in eating great food as well as taking in the sights can head downtown to Karl’s Cuisine, where every meal is made from scratch. Everyday, Chef Karl and his wife, Paula, bring food from simple to spectacular, making it good for the soul while making sure it’s still good for you. Restaurants like theirs, which nurture customers as well as the community, have earned Sault Saint Marie the title ‘Best Food town in the Midwest’ this year. For art lovers, deeper into town is an art gallery, which upholds the mantra of ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. For 30 years, owner and artist, Greg Steele, has been showcasing his creative handiwork. What others discard, he turns into unconventional art. Visitors will be fascinated by his ability to take the simplest materials—such as radio dials, gears, pieces of copper, old cameras—and craft them into something new. Sault Saint Marie’s connection to the water surrounding it is unmistakable. Nowhere is this more evident than by The Soo Locks, the busiest waterway in the world. Giant ships come from all over the world to pass through them, and more cargo goes through the Soo Locks than the Panama and Suez Canals combined. For those wanting to get a closer look, tours of the freighters, such as the 500 feet S. S. Valleycamp, are available, giving a real sense of what it was like to live on a giant freighter. On the S.S. Valleycamp, you can see the pe

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