The Stealing Challenge

May 31, 2010 on ABC at 12:00 AM

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The contestants, working with a fake stylist hired by the producers, have a $200 budget and 20 minutes to create a signature Vegas look; each player is given a chance to steal an item out of their budget to get an edge in the competition. Liz, Michae... (more)l, and JD are caught on hidden camera violating the rules by accepting the item offered by the "stylist." The contestants put on their outfits and are placed in glass boxes on the street of Las Vegas. People passing by are given one token to give to the contestant of their choice. Amy dresses as a bride, Craig a cowboy, David as Elvis, Erika as Marilyn Monroe, JD as a drag queen, Liz as a glitzy go-go dancer, Michael as a pimp, Michelle as a pin-up girl, Regina as Lady Luck, and Taylor as a rocker. Liz gains the most tokens with her provocative and revealing (yet stolen) outfit and wins the challenge. David and JD receive the lowest number of tokens and must face elimination. The bottom two face the judges for the first elimination. Unaware of the hidden camera footage, JD argues that his willingness to dress in drag shows how badly he wants to win while David argues that his Elvis outfit fit better with the Las Vegas theme. David, who had not stolen an item, is pronounced safe. JD is eliminated and is shown the footage of him accepting the extra item out of budget. * Winner: Liz * Bottom Two: David and JD * Eliminated: JD

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