Skipsea, Humberside - Norman Neighbours

Mar 01, 2005 on Channel 4 at 6:00 PM


Tony: Meet a real Time Team fan, this is Francis Davis who lives up here in Skipsea in blowy East Yorkshire, and to put it mildly your fairly interested in what was going on in this field aren’t you. Francis: Absolutely. Tony: Why, it looks like al... (more)l your other fields? Francis: Except they plough deeper one year and we turned up all these finds. Tony: Which are really fantastic. We’ve got everything from this prehistoric arrowhead, right through to a Medieval. In fact, Francis was so excited that she paid at her own expense for our geophys team, this doesn’t blow away, to have a survey and as you can see there’s a heck of a lot of activity. So clearly something was going on here, but what exactly we don’t know. This place is an archaeological blank sheet. So Francis has invited us here and how long have we got to find out? Francis: Three days. Tony: Just three days. If we don’t get blown away. It is a bit windy isn’t it. Francis: Slightly.

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