The Mole 3.0, Episode 3

Jun 16, 2008 on ABC at 12:00 AM


With tension growing amongst the remaining contestants, they are asked to put what little faith they have in each other to the test in a challenge that pairs them into "Can't Trust" and "Trust Blindly" groups. Members from both of the groups pair up ... (more)for a harrowing luge ride that also serves as a test of memory. A rules violation on the part of several contestants leads to a major penalty. Later, Jon Kelley sends the contestants on a spy day complete with luxurious massages. Though pleased at the opportunity to relax, the contestants are weary of an upcoming catch, and rightly so. They find that their clothes have been sent off for dry cleaning and are challenged to find suitable clothes within a short time-frame in order to join host Jon Kelley in time for a fine-dining dinner. Two contestants make a suspicious move by choosing to simply opt out of the challenge. The contestants are presented with an intriguing offer at the evening's execution.

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