Season Finale (2)

Dec 15, 2005 on NBC at 8:00 PM


In the conclusion, Trump is faced with the incredibly difficult decision with who to hire and who to fire since both Randal and Rebecca are stars in their own right. In the live final boardroom, Rebecca asserts her examples of leadership and why she... (more) deserves to win, but Randal's proclamations that a 1-2 record (Rebecca's) is far worse than a 3-0 record (Randal's) seem to be heard more than what Rebecca has to say, as the Donald considers his options and chooses Randal as the better of the two for his great education, outstanding leadership, and incredible likeability. After the hiring, Trump asks his new employee for advice, in front of everyone: should he hire Rebecca as well? Randal shoots that idea down with a shotgun, saying that he was picked as The Apprentice, and that there shouldn't be ""Apprentii.""

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