Ready to Lose Our Lives

May 01, 2002 on CBS at 8:00 PM

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It's the Australian outback, the 9th pitstop in a race around the world. As usual, the contestants have absolutely no idea where they're going to have to go and they have to figure it out by looking for yellow and red route markers. Chris and Alex le... (more)ave at 3:35 A.M. The clue tells them to take a flight to New Zealand, which is over 200 miles away. First, they have to take transportation to a local airstrip. Blake and Paige leave at 5:01 A.M., Tara and Wil at 5:06 and Oswald and Danny at 5:09. Wil says that with four teams left, every second counts. They load their vehicles onto an eighteen wheeler to go to Glendamboe. Chris and Alex stop at a convenience store to make flight arrangements. It's a choice between a 10:30 or an 11:15 A.M. flight. Chris and Alex seem unconcerned about getting the 10:30. Wil is interested in getting it. Tara and Wil head the wrong way to the airstrip. Wil says that he's quitting, that he's feeling "run down." Chris and Alex say that they've already got their

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