Episode 6

Sep 14, 2014 on BBC one at 9:00 PM


John Middleton is recovering but Grace is anxious about what he will say when he recovers his powers of speech. Bert is confused by conflicting feelings towards both his parents and Phoebe. Clem is exhausted by the amount of scandal surrounding her t... (more)hree children. She urges Edmund to father an heir and tries to block George's divorce, but Eyre and Martha elope anyway. Caro meantime decides that she wants her own child, fathered by Joe Middleton, back. Told that the child is dead, she tries to drown herself but is saved by George and Bairstow. Martha's elopement makes Bert realise how foolish he has been towards Phoebe and he chases after her. Grace too realises that her feelings for Gibby and for politics have distanced herself from her own family, but when John starts to recover she realises where her true feelings lie.

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