San Diego: Episode 20

May 18, 2004 on MTV at 9:00 PM


Mike and Robin cuddle on the deck and Robin narrates that she is at the point in her life where she is ready to get serious about someone. She notes that all she has ever done with Mike is kiss. Randy continues his streak of dispensing bad advice and... (more) tells Robin that if she waits too long to do the booty dance with Mike, he might take his business somewhere else. Randy's friends (Nick, Sean and Jessica) from Boston arrive for a visit. Randy explains that he and Jessica have worked together and as long as they've known each other, there has always been sort of a connection and attraction. Mike, Robin, Randy's buddies and the rest of the roommates get their drink on. Jacquese notes that Mike doesn't really know Robin and how much of a drama queen she can be. When they go out to a club, Robin has a few shots and apparently tells Mike that she loves him. ""It feels like we've been together forever,"" Robin slurs. Next thing we know, Robin is telling Mike that she wants to spend the rest of h

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