San Diego: Episode 10

Feb 24, 2004 on MTV at 9:00 PM


While they're working on the sailboat, Cameran and Robin talk about how they can't believe Frankie kissed Adam the night before. What's more, they don't like the weird lookin' dude (Adam). Robin's tired of hearing how much Frankie loves Dave when she... (more)'s kissing on Adam. Later, on the phone, Adam assures Frankie that she hasn't done anything too terrible in San Diego, but she still worries her honey Dave will be upset. Oh, he won't be happy. That night, as the roommates begin their evening of going out, Robin tells Cameran that if anything happens to her, Robin will be there for her. Randy explains that the other roommates feel like they have to baby-sit young Cameran because of her naiveté. Cameran meets a guy and they pal around the club together until Cameran realizes that some people there might be doing drugs. When she looks around for Robin, she can't find her. The roommates are pissed that all Robin can think about is herself. But Robin doesn't like feeling responsible for Cameran

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