Elka's Shell

Aug 06, 1997 on MTV at 9:00 PM


Elka's innocence is the focus of this dramatic episode. The anniversary of her mother's death has arrived and she is less and less enthusiastic as the days go on. The group decides to go out and get drunk while Elka stays home. To cheer her up and to... (more) ""break her shell,"" they all jump on her, get naked and dance with pool cues on the pool table. Genesis is extremely annoyed with the other cast members and feels ""out of her element"" because she has no other gay people surrounding her. She tries to fix this by chatting on a Web site for ""transsexuals"" and meets a wonderful man who dresses in drag. She also feels better when she finds a gay bookstore. Jason, Elka and Montana create the English/Scottish band ""Scotch Tape"" and take pictures goofing off as ""band members.""

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Jul 30, 1997

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