Episode 10

Dec 12, 2021 on Arena at 8:30 PM


Since her no-show at Cherry's 40th, Janet's beef with Kyla has escalated again- this time through heated text messages behind the scenes. Janet's adamant she's been sorely provoked, but nobody's sure exactly who's to blame. Meanwhile Cherry and Simon... (more)e finally agree on something; Janet's insults are next level. With speculation about a showdown looming, Jackie lets off some steam by pranking husband Ben, Gamble campaigns for a new puppy and Kyla finally gets a chance to tackle her relationship problems at home. But it's back to fighting form for the Finale dinner; Kyla wants an apology... while Janet's not even sure she'll turn up. With cheeky plans to replace her nemesis, Kyla invites a 'suitable substitute' in the form of drag artist Paris- but which queen will reign supreme? All bets are off, as it's Cherry who takes the hot seat, closing this seasons shenanigans with a showdown as characteristically catty as it is comical.

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Dec 05, 2021