The Greater Good

Feb 08, 2013 on ABC1 at 8:30 PM


On the eve of Anzac Day, Dr Blake (Craig McLachlan) bumps into a former British Army colleague at the police station, Major Derek Alderton (Neil Pigot). Alderton is in town, trying to track down two army deserters believed to be hiding out in the are... (more)a. But before they can reminisce, Dr Blake is called to the morgue where the body of the attendant, Bert Prentice, lies with shocking injuries in a pool of blood. Chief Superintendent Lawson (Joel Tobeck) immediately suspects the obvious culprit, the former morgue attendant Ron Jackson (Jamieson Caldwell). Ron was sacked to make way for the new boy, Hugh (Brendan Bacon), and it appears Ron has also done a runner...what more evidence do you need? But when Constable Parks (Rick Donald) finds lowlife Gordon McRae (Patrick Kelleher) snooping in Bert's bachelor pad, he adds him to the list of suspects. Meanwhile on the home front, tension is growing between Dr Blake and his housekeeper Jean (Nadine Garner). Convinced he doesn't need her, Jean threatens to leave. Blake responds by wishing her well with a job interview! The mystery deepens when a local woman starts bothering Dr Blake with fake symptoms - even though she looks fine. Blake wonders whom she is protecting

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