Halloween - Addams Style

Oct 29, 1965 on ABC at 12:00 AM

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It's Halloween, and Moticia is seen sharpening Gomez's knife. Gomez takes the knife, and starts to carve Uncle Fester's likeness. Uncle Fester is posing for a sculpture. He comments ""I like to pose- it's so artistic!"". Gomez reveals his masterp... (more)iece- a jack-o-lantern carved to look ""exactly"" like Uncle Fester. Then, it's time for the halloween festivities; Gomez and Fester bob for apples on opposite sides of a seesaw. Gomez then answers the doorbell, making Fester fall into his bucket of apples, and win automatically. The prize? A kiss from Morticia (she had planned it for Gomez). Gomez returns, saying it was Pugsley and Wednesday practicing their trick-or-treat routine. Morticia realizes they have nothing to give to the children. Gomez suggests a walrus tusk each. Morticia says ""No, darling, it's halloween."" Gomez says ""2 walrus tusks?"" Morticia says they want little goodies, so Gomez and Lurch use the guillotine to prepare some bite-size salamander sandwiches. Gomez and M

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