Challenge of the Rainbow Galaxy

Feb 23, 1975 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


After the disaster at planet Balan, General Lysis is summoned to Gamilon to stand trial for his failed operations. General Krypt, presiding over the hearing, delivers a unanimous verdict: a death sentence. But when he delivers the paperwork to Leader... (more) Desslok, Desslok refuses to sign them, and issues a pardon along with new orders. He knows that Lysis, reckless or not, is the only general capable of stopping the Star Force before it enters the Magellanic Cloud -- the galaxy where Iscandar lies. Lysis assembles a special task force of three triple-deck fighter carriers, one battleship/carrier combo, and a command ship. Each carrier sports a specialised kind of plane: fighters, precision-bombers, torpedo planes, and one heavy bomber bearing a special drill missile designed to be fired into the Argo's Wave Motion Gun muzzle. Lysis's command ship has a device called "SMITE" (Space/Matter Instant Transforming Equipment), capable of causing fighter planes to undergo a space warp for a surprise attack. On the Argo, the Star Force receives an audio message from General Lysis proposing that they meet for a decisive battle at a nebula called the Rainbow Galaxy, just outside the Magellanic Cloud. This nebula contains several stars, each of which shine with a different colour, as well as a black gas cloud which is impenetrable to radar. After much deliberation, the Star Force decides to take up the challenge. Captain Avatar delivers a rousing speech, as the entire Star Force crew drinks a toast to the occasion using bottled spring water. Preparations for the battle begin. Earth has 215 days left.

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Feb 16, 1975

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