Galactic Whirlpool

Jan 12, 1975 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


General Lysis arrives at the Gamilon base on planet Balan, the half-way point between Iscandar and Earth. He is greeted with resentment by Balan's current, jealous commander, General Vulgar, whom Lysis is to replace. Insult is added to injury when Ly... (more)sis derides Vulgar's taste in decoration. Meanwhile, the Star Force experiences a sudden loss of engine output, and soon determines that they've stumbled into the gravitational effects of a Galactic Whirlpool, a precursor to a black hole. Therein, amidst the wreckage of many other ships unable to escape the gravity pull, they spot a Gamilon destroyer. Lysis, who has set out from planet Balan in a 3000-ship armada to attack the Star Force, is disappointed to learn that the whirlpool will rob him of his prey. Wildstar, too, is disappointed when Captain Avatar overrules his suggestion to fight the Gamilon destroyer, and orders that they find a way to escape. The Captain's wisdom soon proves itself when the Star Force detects Lysis's armada. Lysis chases the Star Force into the dead zone of the whirlpool, where all ship energy is lost. From outside the zone, Lysis's fleet launches salvos at the helpless Star Force. There seems no hope until a miraculous infusion of energy is sent to the Argo by none other than Queen Starsha herself. The ship's instruments come to life once more, and the Wave Motion Engine builds up enough energy to perform a space warp. Later, back on Balan, General Lysis notes in his journal that the Star Force is a worthy adversary. Earth has 273 days left.

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