The Gamilon Pilot

Dec 29, 1974 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


On Gamilon, Leader Desslok interrupts his daily treasure pool bath to commission one of his best generals, Lysis, to defeat the Star Force before it gets too far out into space. Lysis welcomes the chance for some sport. Meanwhile, Derek Wildstar a... (more)nd Conroy, his second-in-command, capture a Gamilon pilot during a routine patrol mission. When Dr. Sane removes the pilot's uniform, the Star Force discovers that the Gamilons are just like humans, but with blue skin. The revelation is too much for Wildstar, who bursts in the examination room to confront the Gamilon. Derek has a series of flashbacks from his childhood, starting from the Gamilons bombing his home and continuing with his older brother Alex returning from school. When Alex is stationed at a space station on Great Island, Derek visits him. During their visit, however, their parents are killed by one of the Gamilon bombs. In the Argo's examination room, Derek struggles to avoid exacting his revenge on the pilot. Captain Avatar questions the pilot but learns nothing and orders the pilot released. In a goodwill gesture, Wildstar offers the pilot some food as he departs. Earth has 305 days left.

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