Desslok Mines

Dec 15, 1974 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


Now that the Star Force have left the Solar System, Gamilon central command begins to take greater interest in them. We see Gamilons in their true, blue, skin colour for the first time as Leader Desslok strides into his court chamber. For his evening... (more) entertainment, Desslok's top generals have arranged a trap for the Star Force, littering the space into which they are flying with hundreds of the newly developed Desslok Space Mines. These Gamilon mines are motive, and quickly draw in upon the Argo, thwarting any attempt to evade. They are sensitive to electromagnetic waves, and will explode if they get too close to the ship. Pinned, the Star Force is brought to a complete stop. Will they escape? Earth has 311 days left.

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Dec 08, 1974

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