The Reflex Gun (2)

Nov 24, 1974 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


Wildstar's strike force is dispatched to locate and destroy the Gamilon's Reflex Gun. The team deduces that the gun must be located under the ice since it does not appear on their radar, which leads to the suggestion that team look for cooling towers... (more) to locate the gun. To aid in this effort, Avatar order the Argo to repeatedly surface and submerge to lure the Gamilon commander into firing the gun. Eventually, Avatar and his crew locate the general area of the gun, and launch missiles in the direction to help the strike force find the weapon. This works, and the team enters the Reflex Gun's cooling tower. With IQ-9's help, the strike force manages to bypass the booby traps and plant explosives on the gun. The explosion destroys not only the gun, but most of the Gamilon base. With the Reflex Gun now out of commission, Avatar orders the Argo to surface and prepare to finish off the Gamilon base. Shaken, Gamilon Col. Ganz elects to retreat from the planet instead of staying to fight. Unsurprised at this development, Gamilon Leader Desslok orders Pluto's commander to engage the Star Force knowing that this will mean certain death for the Colonel and his force. Avatar's victory against the Pluto base provides some relief for the Earth by eliminating further planet bombing. Earth has 354 days left.

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