Sonic X

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This show is ended
Sonic The Hedgehog is back, and this time he's taking his skills with speed to a whole new level, as well as whole new worlds. Transported to Earth th... (more)rough an accidental overload of Chaos Control generated by the mystical Chaos Emeralds, Sonic and his Friends must battle the mechanical legions of arch enemy Dr. Eggman to retrieve the Emeralds and find a way of using them to return home. Sonic is aided by his gadget handy sidekick Tails The Fox , the stern and stubborn strength of Knuckles The Echidna his overly romantic, possessive best Friend Amy Rose, and the generous, but feisty Chris Thorndyke, whom Sonic bonded with the instant he arrived, along the way, they encounter more friends, of Earth and Mobian origin alike, and uncover new secrets behind the Emerald's incredible powers, eventually leading them into battles with chilling new adversaries such as the demonic Chaos and the maverick, out of control Emerel Sonic X follows, at times, many of the recent Segasonic Video games released for the Dreamcast, notably in season two with the Chaos and Shadow arcs, (based on Sonic Adventure I and 2) and also dips into Sonic Battle during the same season Initially ordered for a full season of fifty two episodes (spread across two seasons in most mainstream markets worldwide), Sonic X reemerged on French Jetix channels without any prior advance announcement that the series was continuing. This season of Sonic was soon dubbed and distributed over all major regions, and is considered far darker in tone and content than the previous season. Adapting none of the Sonic games and following it's own storylines, taking Sonic and his friends into space to battle the planet consuming Metarex, safeguarding Planetary systems and planet eggs from their cold merciless grasp. The English dubbing on the show is handled by 4Kids, who also supervise the content of the show there handling, meaning they have the go ahead to cut any questionable footage that may "disturb younger viewers", this has resulted in many edits to remove blood and physical abuse from the series. In season two's case, with the season being akin to a bloodbath, the edits are even more obvious and irritating to purist anime fans.