Protect Chibi-Usa! Clash of the 10 Warriors

Sep 11, 1993 on TV Asahi at 9:00 AM


ChibiUsa is lonely and tries again to use her key to return to the future after an incident at the Tsukino resident, where she wet Usagi's bed. The girls set out to look for her, but Berthier and Koan notice the energy flux and chase ChibiUsa. Sailor... (more) Moon arrives just in time to defend her from the evil sisters' attack. Soon, all of the sisters and all of the Sailor Warriors arrive and are fighting. Rubeus and Tuxedo Mask also join the fray. Just when the Warriors get the upper hand, Rubeus calls for a retreat. During the battle, Sailor Moon realizes that she would do anyhting to protect ChibiUsa (even though she views her as a pets). Back at the hideout of the Black Moon family, Wiseman realizes that Sailor Moon is Neo-Queen Serenity of the future Crystal Tokyo.

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