La Riviera

Jun 14, 2005 on BBC America at 9:00 PM

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What's the BEST RECIPE for a successful restaurant? Top French chefs, the finest ingredients, food fit for a king... Fine dining restaurant La Riviera in Inverness has it all and more. All except one teeny weeny thing... CUSTOMERS. Without them, yo... (more)u don't stand a CHANCE. And La Riviera is running out of TIME and MONEY. La Riviera is on a MISSION: to bring sophisticated French cuisine to the home of haggis, tatties and deep-fried Mars bars. So it's the BEST of everything. It boasts a real DREAM COOKING TEAM: top French chef Loic Lefebvre who's worked in some of the best restaurants in the world and an impeccably-trained kitchen staff with Michelin star-studded backgrounds. The produce is ultra-fresh and top quality - the veg is flown in from France. Even the equipment is top of the league. So far, so good. But delivering the very best costs... BIG TIME. Multi-millionaire owner Barry Larson is tearing his hair out as La Riviera is costing him a cool £8,000 a week to run - and that's on t

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