Battle Three With Bea!

Oct 29, 2021 on TV Tokyo at 6:45 PM


Ash’s next Pokémon World Coronation Series battle is a rematch against Bea, the Stow-on–Side Gym Leader! But first, Korrina brings delicious treats that everyone enjoys. When the battle begins, Bea’s Grapploct gives Pikachu a challenge, so Ash sends ... (more)out Lucario instead. The two Pokémon trade blows before Bea switches out Grapploct for Hawlucha, then Hawlucha for Machamp. Machamp’s strength is formidable. With Cross Chop and a flurry of Bullet Punches, it seems to overwhelm Lucario. Ash wants to use Mega Evolution, but Lucario refuses, choosing to battle in its current form for the time being. With Leon watching, the battle continues—what will happen?

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Season 19 Episode 84

Oct 22, 2021

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